The Magic of the Forest

If we let ourselves get involved with nature, it helps us to arrive in the moment and to concentrate on it. Fear and worries fall away from us, in the here and now there is no fear, only the hier und jetzt existiert keine Angst, nur der Moment.

T’aqi Chuymampi

Because he didn’t want to let go of the flowers, he couldn’t support himself on the left side of the slope and slid down a few metres until he was able to hold on to a warped tree with his right hand. He could hear his heart beating. „Like the machines in the mine: toc-toc–toc-toc“ he thought.

Get out of the Brooding Trap

One of the most important tools for getting out of tormenting brooding comes from mindfulness. Since during brooding one is either dealing with the past or the future, concentrating on the now is a first step.

Masks and Dignity

We understand masks in our cultural context as a means to hide something, to subject someone, to pretend, to dominate and intimidate people. – These African masks, however, served ritual purposes, the connection and exchange with the divine, the supernatural. The aim of the mask rituals was not polarisation but union and community.

The Fear in Art

Interview with Katharina Domschke, Director of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University Hospital Freiburg.
„Sharpening of our senses for fear and anxiety disorders should ultimately contribute to the prevention and destigmatisation of fear in our society“

Fear? Breathe!

Especially the first exercise, mindful breathing or breath observation can be done wherever you have to wait: in the train, at the station, at the doctor’s etc. It costs nothing and is very effective. Sometimes it is enough to simply breathe in and out three times in a row, slowly and deeply. If you have a stressful job, do it once an hour. You will see: small investment, big profit.